Nominating a Friend

This week, after going on several blogs, I saw one that caught my eye. I saw this post about education. I know that education is rough in some parts of the world, but looking at her post it only proves my suspicions. Not only did she have pictures, she had pictures that had captions, and in her post the captions were explained. It had to do with a comparison of schools to see which had a higher ability to read and right, if I recall correctly. The way she talked about her topic, and had photos appropriate to her subject I just thought her post was amazing. Please check out her blog at

What will come next?

My future holds many things. Hopefully, I will make WEB, the leadership group for my school. It is generally only for kids who have proved to be responsible or notable, also generally have good grades, though not required. They need to not be the troublemaker that sits in the back making jokes, or the one getting into fights. So I am also interested in trying american football, because I’m somewhere near 5’10” and still only 12. Looking all the way after college, (should I ever get there) I hope to be a doctor. Another career path that interests me is being a high school or middle school teacher, though there are few jobs in that area. I hope to stay in a relatively small city, not some mega-city like New York City, or even Sydney. At last count my city has around 60,000 and that’s plenty for me. The other thing that I might pursue should I not get bored or have a serious injury. Basketball. I have several seasons of experience under my belt and I feel like I will play through high school, then see where I am after that.


Found on wikipedia, photo by Reisio


My morning and school schedule.

I usually get up from 6:45 to 7. I go downstairs and have some cereal. I finish getting ready (at my school there is no uniform) and then my mom stops by a nearby high school to drop my brother off. She takes me to my school. In total it takes some 15 minutes. When 3 period is released, I go to lunch and eat a sandwich with some other snacks, sometimes the same, sometimes not. I also take some kind of drink, whether it be juice or just water. So my typical schedule is 7 periods long. Language arts and social studies (history) are a block, 1st and 2nd period. Then flex is a class you have to have, but you get to choose between several different classes, I am currently taking a Non-fiction class. Then lunch and then electives. There are a lot of classes to choose between. I’m taking P.E. (physical education) and I’m a library aide/T.A. (teacher’s assistant). Then I have math and science as my second block, and then at 3:05 I’m outta there! The best part of the day is my 5th period T.A. because I don’t have to learn anything and there is no homework.


Leadership Roles at Briggs Middle School

I go to Briggs Middle School, which is in Oregon. At our middle school we have this program called WEB. It stands for Where Everyone Belongs. The people who join are called Web leaders.  The main role of  Web leaders are to welcome and help the 6th grade newcomers to Briggs. My older brother Aaron was a Web leader. He always said how fun it was, talking about all the activities he and his fellow Web leaders did. The only catch is that the requirements are very strict.  I have worked really hard to meet those requirements and this has been my goal since the start of my 6th grade year. I hope I make it!

How To Find the Right Book

Have you ever had the problem of not finding the right book?  Sometimes it can be a major pain, coming from a guy who goes to soccer games to read.  In my experience, the only way to find a book is to be open to suggestions.  If you treat it like oven shopping, having exact specifications you won’t find a book you like. My first suggestion would be to search authors that you have previously read books from. E.x: the other day I read a book by Jack Heath. I finished the series I was reading about, so I read a book by him, on another topic.

Sometimes you will find the author has no other books, or nothing you’re interested in. So other resources you migt use are:

  1. Librarian
  2. Friend with some what the same  interests
  3. Teachers who know you’re reading interests
  4. Parents

One last thing I would suggest, only as a last ditch effort, would be to get on the computer and look on a site like this. It will give you suggestions and it may help. You might be surprised at what you find. (Copy and paste to go to a book suggestion generator)


How Memories Can Effect You

Did you ever do something that got you in trouble?  What  about fined? Would you do those again? Probably not. You don’t want to get in trouble again for  something that you know is bad. Well that memory might have helped you to know what is right and what is wrong and kept you out of trouble.  Memories can do that kind of stuff. Memories mean to me things that are important enough, or notable enough, to think about again, and remember that exact moment of how you felt. It can be important to making choices in the future.  Say you went to Subway last friday, and decided that you wanted to try this new sandwich. After you’re done, you think about that delicious sandwich and what you would change and keep the same. That’s a memory that could change decisons in the past.

Some memories just are sharable.  Like when me and my cousin made this awesome igloo. The snow was just right and it held, but we didn’t have time to finish the top. That memory probably won’t change my decisions, but it will be a great story. Or this awesome moment when my brother tripped on ice. He didn’t know it was there and he was telling my friend to be careful right as he tripped. It was hilarious.

Finish My Story


No matter how hard he tried, nobody ever said Yakasumi was smart. He tried so very hard, but it never seemed to show on his JupiterGrade account.  He did all his work, even spending days on a single project. He spent hours every afternoon on assignments, no matter how much he wanted to hang out with his friends.  He was called name’s because he spent time on homework instead of at the movies. He was bullied because they new he was to busy on homework to tell anyone.  So one day, when trying to find the scientific equation for the rainbow, he came across a note. It said come to the old castle on the plateau of Bob.  It happened to be a historic site, near Yakasumi’s home. He knew that that was a very ignored place, even though he had been there and had seen the brilliant rainbows that always appeared.  Though nobody knew why, it was rumored that it contained the secret to how rainbows are made.

Getting to the plateau was one thing, convincing his parents why he was going is another. Of course, he did have valid reasons, but he had to do it alone. His parents generally liked to keep a really close eye on him, so sneaking out wasn’t an option. He would have to tel them the truth. After many dinners of heated argument, they reluctantly agreed. He would travel on a bus to get most of the way there, then when he was 2 miles away, he would just walk. After the grueling bus ride, and exhausting hike, he was finally there. When he peered at the plateau above, he couldn’t believe his eyes. He saw…

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Great State of Oregon!


One of the greatest places in Oregon is green lakes. It is a several mile long trail, and has many features. One of the most popular is the lake that this trail leads to (duh). It has wonderful clear waters that are extremely chilling. I’ve seen someone go in there without anything on but their undergarments, and even then he came out shivering even though it was sunny and boiling outside. Green lakes also is placid and undisturbed, with many cataracts and streams. It has rocky smooth and uphill terrain. Whether you want a quick stroll in the forest, or a tough hike, you’re in the right place. No matter what your here for, your bound for a great time!