How To Find the Right Book

Have you ever had the problem of not finding the right book?  Sometimes it can be a major pain, coming from a guy who goes to soccer games to read.  In my experience, the only way to find a book is to be open to suggestions.  If you treat it like oven shopping, having exact specifications you won’t find a book you like. My first suggestion would be to search authors that you have previously read books from. E.x: the other day I read a book by Jack Heath. I finished the series I was reading about, so I read a book by him, on another topic.

Sometimes you will find the author has no other books, or nothing you’re interested in. So other resources you migt use are:

  1. Librarian
  2. Friend with some what the same  interests
  3. Teachers who know you’re reading interests
  4. Parents

One last thing I would suggest, only as a last ditch effort, would be to get on the computer and look on a site like this. It will give you suggestions and it may help. You might be surprised at what you find. (Copy and paste to go to a book suggestion generator)


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